Coming Soon: iOS 10

I’ve been testing iOS 10 Beta for several weeks (on a secondary iPad mini 2 of mine) and so far, so good. I’m enjoying Swift Playgrounds and looking forward to the final release.

Most of the changes I’ve noticed have been surface (i.e., UI) changes. But today I read an interesting blog post by @nabla_c0d3, regarding iOS 10 security and privacy. Under the hood stuff that sounds very promising.

Full post here: Security and Privacy Changes in iOS 10

If you don’t already use “Limit Ad Tracking”, you’ll find the option from: Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Limit Ad Tracking.

Enabling the option in iOS 10 will cause apps to see your Advertiser ID as all 0s, putting a limit on third-party tracking.

Apps on iOS have long been designed to ask for various permissions as needed, rather than all up front (à la Android), but with iOS 10, Apple will enforce the use of “purpose strings” which should be used to communicate a reason for why the permissions is needed.

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