Bye Bye Flash! Part 2.5. Microsoft Edge Is Going “Click To Flash”

After last Thursday’s article on how Firefox will start reducing support for Flash, I received some comments pointing me to an announcement from Microsoft, back in April, where they stated that their Edge browser would also move towards a “Click to Flash” approach. The announcement notes that Flash plugins not central to the web page will be intelligently paused, and that content such as games and video will continue to run normally. This change to Edge will be delivered in the anniversary update of Windows 10.

I’d like to point out that we did notice this news back in April, and kudos to Microsoft, and the Edge team, for making this happen.

Microsoft Edge Logo

Microsoft Edge Logo (source:

Why didn’t we talk about this at the time? Well, Edge only works on newer Windows versions. It seems that Microsoft won’t make their 1 billion target for Windows 10 installs, and at current count, Windows 7 still has about 50% market share. So, we’re still waiting for that all-important announcement about Flash and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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