The FBI’s Answers About Crypto-Ransomware

On December 15th 2015, US Senator Ron Wyden sent a letter to the FBI asking for information on crypto-ransomware. I wrote about that here. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I searched, and I could only find the content of the FBI’s reply hosted behind a paywall at

So I Tweeted about that at Senator Wyden’s Twitter account… and his press people replied with a link to the FBI letter! (Twitter is great for stuff like that.)

One of the important questions asked by Wyden was this: does the FBI advise people “just to pay the ransom”?

Does the FBI advise people to just pay the ransom?

The official answer is the FBI does not advise on whether or not people should pay. But if victims haven’t taken precautions… then paying is the only remaining alternative to recover files.

Here’s the full six page response.

FBI Letter to Senator Wyden [PDF]

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