Crash Safari Goes Viral… But Why Not On Android?

On January 25th somebody created a Google short-link for a website called The site creates a loop which crashes iOS Safari and causes a partial device reboot.

It also causes various other browsers to hang or crash. Read more at Wired.

But here’s what I find curious…

Here’s an example of some Tweets using the Google short-link: /78uQHK.

Crash Safari Tweets

They look “cross-platform” to me. There’s nothing about them which should tempt an iPhone owner more than an Android owner. And the same is true of the sizable majority of Facebook posts that I found using the same link.

So it seems somewhat odd that of the nearly 500 thousand clicks the link has received (so far), only about 12.5% of them are coming from Android devices.

Perhaps Android’s market share of “smart” phones isn’t all it’s made out to be? (A family member of mine uses hers like a feature phone.)

What’s your take?


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