Did iOS 9 Really Improve Passcode Security?

I’ve been doing some password research and was recently reminded of this iOS 9 feature.

Apple: “The default for passcodes on your Touch ID–enabled iPhone and iPad is now six digits instead of four. If you use Touch ID, it’s a change you’ll hardly notice. But with one million possible combinations — instead of 10,000 — your passcode will be a lot tougher to crack.” (Emphasis mine.)

iOS 9 Improved Security

Six digits instead of four? Translation: there’s now room for your year of birth, too! So instead of “1101” it’s now “110160”. (Tim Cook was born November 1, 1960.)

It’s entirely anecdotal, but I’ve already met somebody doing this. And I have little doubt that many others are doing so as well.

But at least a six digit passcode discourages the use of certain four letter words…

5683 = LOVE on a telephone keypad.

Recommendation: change your passcode to a “Custom Alphanumeric Code” and create a good passphrase. On your iOS device, go to: Settings > Passcode > Change Passcode > Enter Old Passcode > Passcode Options.

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