Marshmallow Moves Android Towards iOS-like Permissions

Android 6.0 a.k.a. “Marshmallow” is now rolling out and its best new feature, from my point of view, is the introduction of a new permissions model.

Well-crafted applications can now ask for permissions as they are needed, rather than all at once during installation.

Android Marshmallow App Permissions

Source: Google

Apps designed for older versions of Android will still ask for numerous permissions upfront, but Marshmallow will allow for iOS-like granular control.

Marshmallow App Permissions Facebook

Not all apps will fail gracefully if permissions are denied.

Marshmallow App Permissions Deny Warning

But if for example you don’t want to use Facebook’s Find Friends feature, then there really shouldn’t be any need for the Facebook app to access your Contacts. I’d suggest denying various permissions and testing the “necessary evils” that you might have installed on your Marshmallow phone.

Conscientious developers will update their apps sooner than later.

And if they don’t… well, that’s what reviews are for. Right?

Android 6.0 Changes

See all of the changes to Android 6.0 here.


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