Freedome Tracking Protection Comparison

Labs Fellow Edilberto Cajucom recently tested¹ our Freedome VPN‘s Tracking Protection feature to measure its effect on the page load speed and size of numerous popular sites.

Here’s a graph of speed comparisons using a subset of sites from Alexa’s news category.

Page Load Speed Comparison

Page Load Speed Comparison

As you can see, there’s quite a measurable effect on several sites; Huffington Post and USA Today loaded in half the time (2.1x faster). Conclusion: blocking trackers saves time.

And here’s a graph of size comparisons.

Page Load Size Comparison

Page Load Size Comparison

With Tracking Protection enabled, CNNMoney only loaded 1.4MB compared to 3MB. AccuWeather loaded 10.4MB compared to 17.3MB. Conclusion: blocking trackers saves bandwidth.

Happy surfing Freedome lovers!


¹ The testing was done from our Helsinki-based lab via Freedome’s Netherlands-based exit node.

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